Is Online Cloud Storage Your Best Option?

There are many different ways to store data today. Online cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular as more people become familiar with it. The online cloud storage market is getting crowded and DrivePop also has their foot in the door with our DrivePop Briefcase service.

There are many advantages to using online cloud storage. Cost has become one of the most compelling reasons to use cloud storage. Storing data on backup tapes or hard drives is expensive. There are plenty of other cloud vendors that offer a little space for free. DrivePop offers a free backup account as a trial. More storage is available for a small monthly or annual fee, saving money over traditional storage methods.

Security is another reason to store your files in the cloud. Data that is stored online is encrypted to provide security to the data owner. DrivePop uses 256 bit encryption during transfer as well as storing the files. The data is also secured by restricting access. Data that is stored on tape or disk can more easily be stolen or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Best To Have A Backup

One of the problems with storing data is making sure you have a backup copy in case something happens to the original. Backups can be time consuming and expensive. Most people do not backup their data because they think of it something they will get around to, but they usually do not. Cloud storage automatically backs up data so the customer does not have to worry about this boring and tedious task.

Another advantage of online cloud storage is accessibility. Your files are accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. There is no need to worry about copying files to a laptop or flash drive when traveling if they are stored in the cloud. Files can be accessed from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone. Carrying flash drives or burning DVDs is no longer needed with cloud storage.

A major problem with traditional storage is keeping your files in sync. If you work on a file from one source, you will need to copy that file to every location you access it from to keep the same version of the file. Storing files online ensures that they stay in sync. This makes the latest version of the file you saved on your desktop be available on your smartphone or tablet.

Share Your Files

Storing files online in the cloud makes it easier to share files. Most online storage providers enable you to give access to authorized people to access the files you want to share with them. And because it is stored online, they will always get the most recent version of the file.
Online storage also makes it easy to collaborate with other people. Multiple people can access the same files and edit them. There is no need to track changes or worry about who has made which changes to a file.

Disaster recovery is another great benefit of cloud storage. Backups of your files are stored offsite which isolates your data from fire, storms, or viruses. This keeps your data safe no matter what happens.

Cloud storage is the best way to store your data. It keeps your files accessible and in sync. It also protects your data and keeps it secure.

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