What are Some Security Issues in Cloud Storage?

Nowadays, there are a lot of options when it comes to saving your files and making extra copies for safekeeping. These extra copies can be saved using other storage options besides hardware. Enter the cloud. The cloud is an excellent way to store files you need to back up without having to buy hardware which is subject to physical damage and corruption in the long run.

With the cloud, you can store files for free or through paid services, and you can access your files anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet and you have a device to view the cloud service provider’s website or mobile application. It presents ease of access, an inexpensive storage option, and a way to reduce spending on external hard drives that may be lost or damaged.

However, there are some security issues in cloud storage which users need to be aware of. Usually, cloud service providers and services are easy and hassle-free to use, but there are times when users will meet some challenges while using cloud storage services. Here are some security issues in cloud storage that you should be prepared for:

  • Hacking threats – Today, there are a lot of malicious third parties who get in the otherwise harmonious relationships that cloud service providers and cloud users have. Just recently, thousands of photos from private accounts were leaked, and once they were out on the web, they became subject to the eyes of thousands—even millions—of curious people. Cloud service providers usually secure their databases and servers, but there are still times when hackers can get the upper hand.
  • Lost files – In relation to hacking threats, there are also times when files can be lost. Hackers don’t always just expose files; some can steal the files or delete them completely. This is a particularly troublesome thing to deal with especially when the files you’ve saved online are work-related. Because of this, it is still important to have secure copies of files in reliable hardware options. If you can, go for cloud services that are paid and offer additional layers of security to avoid file loss.
  • Account recovery – This may seem like a nonsensical problem but there are times when account recovery can actually become a problem. Especially when the security measures of the cloud service provider are tight, recovering your account which may have been logged out or not used for a while leading to inactivity can be a lot challenging. Sometimes, users rely on “remember” me features in their computers or devices to access their online cloud storage accounts. But what if they forget their login details and they need the files? This is where the hassle begins. The process can usually be resolved quickly, but for really secure cloud service providers, more details may be required from the users to prove their identity and claim over the account.

Have you ever had security issues with your chosen cloud storage service provider? Can you tell us how you handled those issues?

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