Video Game Security Bug Bounty Programs

Gaming platforms continue to prove a tempting target for cybercriminals, with the industry’s value estimated at $152 billion worldwide. and now video game developers ask white hats for help. Last year’s Akamai State of the Internet report describes in detail how 12 billion credential stuffing attacks targeted players over a 17-month period. To combat the […]

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Gaming Mouse vs Regular Mouse 2019

razer gaming mouse hero image

When you’re searching for the right gaming mouse for your computer or laptop you might think that either a normal mouse or any old gaming mouse will be sufficient in getting the job done. Even though you recognize that this would be an integral component when interacting with the computer, you are not placing that […]

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Why are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming

gaming keyboard

A mechanical gaming keyboard is not just any keyboard, you will experience a unique and pleasurable ergonomic user experience with ease of operation and long life and most importantly, tactile response. There are good keyboards for power typists and gaming and then there are freebies that are completely worthless for demanding operation without failure which […]

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What is Ethical Hacking & Pen-Testing?

cyber security and ethical hackers

When you hear the word “hacker” you often think of cyber criminals and bad guys with hoodies, or if you’re old enough the movie hackers. However, there is another bread of white hat “good guys” called ethical hackers or penetration testers. But what is ethical hacking? Penetration testing companies use ethical hacking and pen testing […]

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The Most Secure Cloud Backup Providers

Picture of a cloud backup with a secure shield

Secure Cloud Backup Providers Are you worried about backing up you data on insecure sites that can be easily hacked leading to loss of your data or leaking of sensitive information about your personal life or business? If you are, then you are just like most other people with secrets that need to be kept […]

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Is Online Cloud Storage Your Best Option?

There are many different ways to store data today. Online cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular as more people become familiar with it. The online cloud storage market is getting crowded and DrivePop also has their foot in the door with our DrivePop Briefcase service. There are many advantages to using online cloud storage. Cost […]

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Unlimited Online Cloud Backup Plans

Drivepop’s cloud backup plans in detail. Choose the right plan for you! FREE Trial FREE ACCOUNT GET STARTED 14 Day FREE Trial 512GB Cloud Backup Space Unthrottled Bandwidth Backup PC and Mac File Versioning (30 Versions) Access Files Online/Anywhere Online Control Panel & APP Access Free Apps (iOS, Android, Win 8) Scheduling No Credit Card Required […]

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Cloud Storage vs. Hard Disk Storage – What’s Better?

While companies choose storage for compliance purposes, individuals require additional space for photos, music files and an array of documents. Regardless of which category you fall into, your dilemma will be the same: cloud storage vs. hard disk storage. Cloud storage is an innovative storage format that has been around since the 1990s but gained […]

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