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Gaming Headsets vs Real Headphones

We all pride ourselves in a good pair of headphones. Whether you are on the go, relaxing at home or gaming, you deserve perfect sound quality to enjoy those hits or a conversation with a friend. However, such good quality comes at a price. So unless you are really good at shopping around in the market to get the best quality at the best price, you are in trouble. When it comes to gaming, just like an awesome movie experience, sound quality is paramount. With incorporation of an almost perfect environment sound in game design, you need headphones that can provide you with the perfect sound experience. Now you find yourself with a difficult task. Do you maintain our current headphones that do provide you with good music quality but you are not sure they will provide you with a good gaming experience or on the other hand, get some new gaming headsets that promise you with the ultimate gaming experience but you are a bit skeptical about.

To help out with this, we will take a good comparison of these two and hopefully help you with your decision. As expected, gaming headsets place a greater emphasis on specific aspects of gaming such as surround sound where you can feel the sound environment as you play. In this way, if different characters move within the game environment, in respect to your position, you are able you get a good sense of where they are located within the field of play. Most gaming headsets will therefore incorporate 7.1 surround sound technology to their headsets to help achieve this. However, the idea does not work out with nearly all gaming headsets and here is why;

• The technology uses different audio channels within the headsets to provide the directional feel when the headphones are in use. These channels are Front, center, side, rear and the subwoofer. The seamless operation of these different channels within the headsets ensures that the surround sound is achieved. As you will notice however, most gaming headsets if not all ,are terrible at this, giving you less quality surround sound quality and, therefore, reduce them to your usual headphones but in addition, loose some the more premium qualities you will get with real headphones.

The only other thing that can come in to give the gaming headphones a better feel is an open back design. Gaming headphones that have this design have proven to give a really good feel of the gaming environment but sadly, they tend to fall on the higher price range.

So in essence what we have nothing significant in reference to sound quality left to compare gaming headsets to real headsets. Apart from the sound quality, there is the immense work on design and comfort. Gaming headsets designers have gone out of their way to create large rugged designs that do not really add much to the consumers gaming experience; apart from the fact that they make a statement to that they are gaming headsets. Some designs have included creative lighting designs that maybe quite a distinguishing factor from your normal headphones. At the end of day however, all the lighting and exterior design do not really improve the consumer sound experience as compared to the real headphones.

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Jamie Stevens - September 20, 2017 Reply

I have both normal and gaming headsets, IMO gaming headsets are better simply due to the headset having a built in mic, and the sound is less “accurate” but more enjoyable for gaming (a richer sound). Thanks for the info!

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