The Most Secure Cloud Backup Providers

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Secure Cloud Backup Providers

Are you worried about backing up you data on insecure sites that can be easily hacked leading to loss of your data or leaking of sensitive information about your personal life or business?

If you are, then you are just like most other people with secrets that need to be kept as such which constitutes all of us! Criminals and so called hacktivists will bend over backwards to exploit every shot they get to access your data locked away in insecure servers. While every system ever made has its own weaknesses that can be exploited to break into it and access the data without following due procedure, there are systems out there that are nearly hack proof. As you may well be aware, perhaps the weakest link even with a secure cloud backup provider, is likely the human user prone to errors. Such systems are not really hack proof but have been assessed by a consultant skilled in ethical hacking, to identify security that more obvious. Making the service more secure and presenting a larger challenge to hackers, hopefully to the point where it’s more trouble than it’s worth for malicious user to try and break in.

Here are some ways in which you can choose the most secure cloud backup providers

How to choose the most secure cloud backup services

  • Personalized services
    Consider the ability of the service to suit your personal needs and those of your family or business associates.
  • Consider cloud back up reviews
    Sifting through the most trusted consumer review of backup services will help quickly reveal the best services. Or at least the bad ones; if you are unsure if you can live a similar complaint as one posted by a previous customer ask yourself if it’s a chance you are willing to take.
  • Up to date sites with latest encryption
    Sites that have a habit of always being at the front line with new cutting edge encryption technology for your data are far more secure than those that lag with updates. Its common sense. Remember the cyber security industry is a highly dynamic one.
  • Avoid sync services
    This excludes Google drive, drop box and other sync backup services from your list. They may offer large free storage but they are not the most secure ones.
  • Sites that offer much information on data encryption techniques

If a cloud backup service provider does not offer much information about how they go about encrypting your data, then perhaps they are not worth your business.

When you use this criteria to sort through the plethora of cloud backup services available on the web, you are left with only the crème de la crème of cloud backups. These include companies like Backblaze, Carbonite an MozyHome.

In short, how safe your data is online depends on a number of factors key among them how the data is scrambled using an encryption key and how difficult it is for someone other than those authorized by the system to recover the same key. There are various methods of data encryption and levels as evident above as well as the amount of control you have as a subscriber as far as data encryption goes.


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